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Our Products

MPV | Motor Pump Ventilation

MPV, a branch of a leader of electromechanical engineering distribution, has built up a complete range of products for professionals since 1974.

Our customer base is mainly made up of repair shops, on-site maintenance companies, industrial supplies distributors, as well as installers of ventilation or pumping systems, and machine or equipment manufacturers.

We can provide all peripherals needed to install, operate and maintain these equipment: fittings, hoses, valves, control units.
Everything is available in packaging suited to your daily needs.

When it comes to electric motors, pumps or fans, or any equipment or supplies needed to install and repair them, MPV provides a consistent and competitive high-quality offer.

For more than thirty years, demanding customers have trusted MPV, finding in its offer a choice of carefully selected products, stock levels, and a reactivity which meets the expectations of serious professionals.

Our considerable inventory (more than 80% of the catalog items are kept in stock) and our flexible and well-adapted organization are perfectly suited to meeting your orders, whether they are occasional, periodic or regular.

Committed to delivering the best quality products, we source directly from manufacturers, and we deliberately exclude any supplier who can't comply with international standards or technical specifications.

We hope that this short description of MPV convinces you of our capacity to meet your expectations, and we invite you to contact us.

Thank you very much for your trust and your interest in our offer.

Reasons to choose MPV

1. More than 10.000 refs available in stock among 13.000 refs currently managed

  • More than 10 000 references of electric motors, pumps and fans along with the accessories and fittings required to install repair and maintain them.
  • Packaging well-suited to your real needs.

2. Reliability and professionalism

  • Reliable sources of supply, secured by stable direct relationships with manufacturers, guarantee the conformity of products.
  • Attractive prices
  • A website packed with complementary information about our products, their specifications and technical data.

3. Flexibility and reactivity

  • 80 % of catalog items kept permanently in stock.
  • A team of specialized technical sales representatives available to help you from 8 to 12 a.m. and from 2 to 6 p.m.