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Sewage pump - Vortex impeller
Foul water - GV type

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VORTEX lift pump for Wastewater, domestic or industrial, low grain size (rain-water, overflow discharges from sewers, ponds and tanks).
Domestic, industrial, agricultural uses.

Conditions of use:
  • Passage : 46 mm.
  • Max. temperature 35°C
  • Number of start-ups per hour: 30.
  • For continuous duty: total immersion.

Vortex impeller in nylon reinforced with fibre-glass.
Stainless steel shaft.
Sealing by mechanical seal in ceramic/tungsten protected by a lip seal.
Dry motor.
Class F insuIation, IP 68.
Single phase pumps, automated by level regulator.
Cable length 10 m HO7RNF.

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