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Three phase motor 1500 rpm
AC 250 type - Aluminium

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Three-phase electric motor, used for all types of machinery: machine-tools, transfer machinery, pump motors, fan motors, travelling cranes, and other moving and lifting machinery.
  • Removable feet.
  • Orientable frame from 100 to 200 axle heights.

Three-phase electric motor.
50 Hz frequency. - Closed IP55.
Class F.
Continuous duty S1.
Max. temperature 40°C.
Enamelled copper winding: grade 2, class F or H.
Aluminium rotor cage.
Sealing guaranteed at shaft opening by seal.
PTC protection in the terminal box from 160 h.a.

IEC 60034-30.
Download the operating instructions for three phase electric motors, MA
Class H insulation.
Winding treatment for humid and corrosive conditions.
Paint used suitable for corrosive conditions.
Anti-condensation heaters, thermal protection.
PT 100 probe, voltage and special frequencies.
Second shaft end, slide bearings, pre-disposition.
Tachy, low vibration.
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